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"From every book written by Tom Riach you will gain unique insights to success; you will laugh, you will reflect upon your own character, and sometimes you will just sit in awe of his mastery of life, business and the simply written word." - Randy Ireland, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

As an entrepreneur I've learned a lot about successful living and how to make the most of whatever life throws at me. So my mission as a writer is to inform, inspire and ignite you to take action; to seize control of your own life by leveraging your own skills, talents and abilities in the same way as I have done. Learning and earning should be fun, so my books are both humourous and enlightening. Texts are based on my own real life experiences and expressed in simple language. I'm told that they are a joy to read - and very often life changing too! Judge for yourself.

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The Secret World Of Self-Employment, personal achievement paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Self-Employment

Paperback & Kindle

Setting up your own business is one thing but can you always make money from it? Are there ways to absolutely ensure that you always make profit? Tom answers 'Yes' to both points and in this explosive book reveals his secrets of self-employment which have remained locked in his mind until now. Tom shows you ways of working which will enable you to not just prosper on your own, but to drive your enterprise to exceptional heights - into a secret world of phenomenal achievement! A secret world he uncovers with candour and clarity, personal experiences and his trademark wit. Be prepared to be astounded. This is a quite extraordinary book. Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page.

Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!
	- successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Successful Living


WHAT is self-improvement? WHY work at it? Tom has spent a lifetime addressing just those questions and helping others to create happy lives. Lives based on the simple principles of free thought and the power of self-determination which he himself practices. With a gift for inspiration, encouragement and humour, Tom sets out with authority and clarity his generous and joyful ways to live your life to the full. Vividly illustrated with his real life experiences, professional insights, personal views and fun stories, Tom shows how to make gratitude and enjoyment central to all that you do – and become a better person in the process! “As good, or better than, any of the books I've read by the so-called 'masters' of self-development and success books/training!” - D.M., San Antonio, Texas. (In Kindle as 'Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!'). Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page .

Because I Feel Like It!
	- independent thinking paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Self-Assertion

Paperback & Kindle

Be the boss of your own thoughts and actions! In this extraordinary story Tom describes how he has profited hugely in life from simply being 'his own man'. With wit and insight he shows how he has lived a life free of intellectual or physical interference, propaganda and mindless chatter. Now he encourages you too to become an independent force with his quick and easy ways to practically transform yourself from being one of the crowd into an independently assertive hero bossing your own thoughts, opinions and actions. Be prepared for surprises. His promptings are not what you might expect. Then again, thinking beyond the confines of conventional wisdom is the very essence of an independent mind at work! Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page.

Yes You Can!
	- independent thinking paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Personal Finance

Paperback & Kindle

This express guide to health, wealth and wisdom packs a mighty punch! Tom shows you quickly and easily, exactly how to establish all three elements in your life in the same way he has done – but without the time and effort he expended. Health, wealth and wisdom beyond your wildest dreams are yours for the asking with his 15 simple and fun MASTER MOVES! Easy strategies guaranteed to enrich your life in every way imaginable - starting today! With his inimitable mix of real life experience, professional insights, personal views and fun stories, Tom's express way to all round well-being is another dazzlingly powerful experience. It's the book which all people seeking a rapid boost to their lives and finances have been longing to read! Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page - or receive a Free E-version of 'Yes You Can! HERE.

The Simplest Sales Strategy 
	is Tom Riach's paperback and ebook about how anyone can sell professionally or just improve their life

Genre - Personal Promotion

Paperback & Kindle

Can you sell anything to anyone just by being yourself? I say 'Yes'! And in this book I reveal how and why. Every single person on the planet sells every day whether you know it or not - the act of attracting a mate is the perfect example - and what you sell is, yourself! So you may as well know why and how you sell and you had better do it well. Thus armed you will improve your life and relationships, increase your financial wealth, raise your self-esteem and how others perceive you and you will be prepared to sell professionally at a high level where that is your aim. So whether just an ordinary guy intent on becoming a better communicator or one with aspirations to be a top sales professional then this book is for you. It provides an easy and quick way of ensuring that you are promoting yourself to the full and are on top of every situation ... professional or otherwise. Read critical review HERE and Click HERE for Amazon sales page.

Mastering The Art Of Making Money, successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Personal Finance

Paperback & Kindle

Why can one person create vast wealth with apparent ease, whilst another flounders in permanent poverty? Is there a secret to success known only to a few? I assert that there is no short cut to riches but that there is an art to making money based on the manner in which you conduct your life; and by altering the way you think of success and by following my simple strategies you may well come to master it! With a mix of real life experiences, fun stories, professional insights and a powerful punch, I disclose in exact detail how to fulfill your dreams of wealth and prosperity. This book is my blueprint to spectacular financial success. The life of which you dream is here within your grasp! Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page.

Winning Big In Life And Business is 
Joseph Tom Riach author, paperback and ebook, how to work smart and control your own destiny

Genre - Life And Business

Paperback & Kindle

"Do you dare to be different? Do you want to own your own future? If so, just waiting for things to happen will involve a long wait! You need to grab control of your own destiny and this book will help you to do just that. The title says it all! Tom Riach brings the full weight of his extraordinary entrepreneurial experience to bear with his remarkable revelations. In a series of easy lessons and fun stories he explains how determination and working smart are the keys to great achievement and shows how you can copy his success. Reading the first part will change the way you live your life; reading the second part will transform your view of working for yourself; and in the third part Tom reveals - for the first time - how to acquire substantial businesses totally free of cost and then run them without spending a dime! Stand by for a truly life-changing experience. As with all of Tom's works, this one is easy to read and laced with humour. From every angle, the read is an absolute gem." Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page.

Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!
	- successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach

Genre - Successful Living


"This book gives a gloriously original view of personal development, what it is and what it means. It is seriously well written, addresses the topic with real authority, is often very funny and is inspirational too! There is no other book on the subject comes close to matching the author's unique mix of gravitas and humour. Joseph T.Riach (Tom) has brought his lifetime of experience in assisting people in their lives and businesses to life in vivid fashion in a rich blending of his personal views, experiences, anecdotes and conclusions. He expresses with authority and clarity his belief that bettering yourself should be an enjoyable endeavour and helps you to identify why and how personal development will work for you. His motto is to live life, laugh and love! - and become a better person as a result." (In Paperback as 'The Road To Joyful Living'). Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page.

The Boy From Broughty Ferry : Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?
Readers' Reviews.

Too Early For A Glass Of Wine - 
	mystery novel, paperback and ebook, Joseph Tom Riach author, buy at Amazon

Genre - Mystery & Suspense

Paperback & Kindle

“Chillingly Brutal – Seriously Funny - Profoundly Uplifting”. Four Complete Strangers - One Common Destiny. What is the secret that binds them? - Who is the young traveller arriving at an obscure destination in search of an unknown saviour and hoping to find his future? – Who is the author relaxing in luxury while reflecting on a life well lived and the love and serenity of spirit he has earned through it? - Who is the mysterious Josmas, managing his vineyards and making fine wine while dispensing philanthropic wisdom in his remote French château? - And what will become of little Tommy, the tormented boy with a single-minded ambition, growing up in simmering rage and solitude? Where will their paths cross? How will the mystery unravel? A saga of true grit, revenge and redemption - with a cast of characters straight from Dickens and a finale fit for The Godfather. Tom's story is both fanciful yet unnervinglyly real; it builds to an inspiring climax as thought-provocative as it is stunningly unexpected.
Read critical review HERE and click HERE for Amazon sales page. Claim a two-novel $25 Bonus Gift HERE!

Too Early For A Glass Of Wine - 
	mystery novel, paperback and ebook, Joseph Tom Riach author, buy at Amazon

Genre - Adventure Thriller

Paperback & Kindle

The Boy from Broughty Ferry is young Scottish fisherman, Torry Taggart. Abandoned on the doorstep of his adoptive parents cottage when only days old, he grows to become a steady crewman on his father's seine-netter but an unruly hooligan when ashore. When he kills a crew-mate's father in a reckless escapade while all in the local community believe him to be aboard the local lifeboat on its final, ill-fated mission, he flees to Ireland. In the village of Brakenhar, he enjoys the endless pleasures of fishing in the sea, the love of local girl Sam, gun-running and committing deadly terrorist atrocities. Life is good. Better than that, it's perfect. The best part of all is that Torry isn't even here. He's dead. Were he alive none of this would be possible. But what will happen when he is discovered by a 'ghost' from his past, blackmailed into betraying his hosts, and compelled to return to his home town on the 25th anniversary of his 'death', to an indifferent mother, a lost love, a daughter he never knew he had - and a mission to assassinate the British prime minister! Will his deadly task succeed or will Torry find redemption in his new-found fatherhood and the fishing community of his birth? Can a dead man with a cold heart live again? Will he be allowed to?
Read critical review HERE and More about the book HERE. Click HERE for Amazon sales page and claim a two-novel $25 Bonus Gift HERE!


I am essentially introvert, so get much of my energy from being alone. I hate small talk and large groups. I'd rather listen and think than speak, and write rather than talk. I rarely answer the phone. Fortunately the online world suits me, I can attract an audience and connect with readers while still spending time alone ... and writing!

As a young man it took me some time to establish myself in business but I believe that in life only the most resolute of triers will prevail. After several years of a bank account in a permanent state of cardiac arrest my perseverance began to pay! I achieved success as a business consultant, investment adviser and award-winning sales professional. As a creative solutions specialist I innovated novel approaches for clients in a variety of commercial sectors. From my successes I grew my own group of small companies.

After I 'retired early' and moved abroad, I freelanced in numerous consultancy projects, established Algarve Golf Holidays and for many years hosted personal achievement learning breaks in the tranquility of my Portuguese home. Now, I indulge my passion for writing. I am the author of Three Novels as well as my Inspirations series of successful living guides.

See a selection of readers' reviews of my work at What My Readers Say - and samples of my writing as Blog Posts Here.


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March 2024 - The Boy From Broughty Ferry
My Sensational New Adventure Thriller is HERE!
In the years 1959 and 1984, two shattering events of major historical impact occur in the United Kingdom. They are entirely unrelated - or are they? Tom Riach weaves a thrilling yarn bringing real-life events together in a fictional tale of the violent life of a survivor of the first who becomes the antagonist in the second. It's a masterful story of catastrophe, intrigue, wild love, conspiracy and betrayal. A classic piece of thrill and suspense story-telling guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat right through to the explosive finale!
It's published NOW - CLICK here!

December 2022 - I declined the offer of a publishing contract with a major publishing house for my novel 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?'. I am waiting until the completion of my new novel (see above) which I believe will further increase the commercial value of all of my work. You will be able to judge for yourself soon! (Sneak preview here).

September 2022 - 'Yes You Can!', my new Express Guide to Health, Wealth and Wisdom is now available in Paperback and Kindle format at my Amazon store. Click Here to buy ... OR ... claim a Free E-version with a simple Click Here. The choice is yours!

June 2022 - The 7th book in my 'successful living' series is here! 'Because I Feel Like It!' is all about living your life as an independent thinker, free of interference and constant oversight. It's serious of course but packed with fun stories too. You'll love it! It's already causing quite a stir. Send for it NOW!

January 2022 - I'm working hard on my Next Novel - no spoiler and no title yet! But following the incredible worldwide sales of Too Early For A Glass Of Wine? I am fired up and intent on producing another sizzling adventure - albeit in a quite different vein from my first novel. I hope to complete the work by mid 2023, publication may take a little longer. So look out for that - and another big surprise!

September 2021 - Another new title! I have rewritten one of my earlier works to produce what is being hailed by readers as the 'finest personal development book they've read'. Praise indeed! The Road To Joyful Living! is based entirely on my own experience. So it's all hard fact, fun and practical. I spell out clearly how my generous and joyful ways of living life to the full will work for you!

March 2021 - It's here! The Secret World Of Self-Employment is published. This fifth book in my Successful Living and Personal Achievement series deals specifically with Being Your Own Boss. It is sure to excite equally all those of you currently working for yourselves as well as those of you considering 'taking the plunge'. This book is guaranteed to accelerate your rush into profit. I show how to always make profit - no exceptions!

February 2020 - My NEW Mystery Adventure Novel is published!! It tells the story of four men, complete strangers but who share a common destiny. What is the secret that binds them? A deeply moving saga of deceit, chillingly brutal yet seriously funny. Too Early For A Glass Of Wine? is available NOW in both Paperback and Kindle versions.

March 2019 - My latest Successful Living book is published! It's a continuation of my present series giving new insights into how to conduct both your life and your business more profitably. It's titled Winning Big In Life And Business. It includes never before published details of how I actually acquired substantial businesses and lived a life free of all costs! These incredible revelations are available NOW in both Paperback and Kindle versions.

Contact me HERE to comment on my books or to make any other query. I welcome your feedback.

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